Welcome, HOA Members

Our Member Portal

We serve 131 households of Urdon Woods in Middletown, KY. Our mission is to facilitate the well-being of our neighborhood by maintaining the beauty of our community. The annual dues cover maintenance of all common areas and help builds community through social events. 

In this resource, you’ll find information about upcoming meetings, social events, neighborhood news, and archive of all HOA documents.


Beautifying our Community

We are proud of the projects we complete for the community, which include:

  • Landscaping and mowing
  • Tree trimming and pruning
  • Irrigation maintenance
  • Snow removal and salting
  • Community social events
  • Holiday lighting and decor at entrance
  • Storm draining pipe repair and cleaning
  • Sidewalk removal and concrete repour

Friendly Reminders

Speed Limit is 25 mph

Please keep the streets safe! If you notice a frequent speeder, let us know so we can request the Middletown Police to “camp out” to deter. Please provide basic car details (make, model, color, etc.).


Summer is here, and more children are outside riding bikes, scooters, roller blades etc. Give them grace as they play – treat them like you would want your own child to be treated! Eyes up, phones down.

Keep Dogs on Leash

Dogs are required to be kept on leashes. This not only keeps you safe, but it also keeps your pets safe. This is under Middletown’s Legal Code 90.02 Animals Running At Large.

CCR Violations

Please complete this CCR FORM to report all complaints so we can investigate. We cannot always see what you can. The Facebook Group is not monitored for complaints.

Get Approval for Exterior Updates

Exterior changes to your lot and home (fences, sheds, patios and more) must be approved in writing by the HOA. Please submit your intentions here so we can schedule discussion during the next HOA meeting.

No Overnight Parking

Street parking is not permitted overnight. If you have a guest parking in the street, please ask them to adhere to the standard right of way and park in your driveway overnight.